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Laser Rollerski Biathlon


If you ever want to taste the thrill of biathlon target shooting under physical and mental pressure, but you need quick and easy access for your first steps, laser biathlon is a fabulous simulation - as good as it gets without the snow and real rifles, and of course ideal for cities, parks, sports centres....anywhere!  

There's minimum admin fuss, no firearms certificate required, absolutely eye-safe laser target system, and the coaching staff are fanatic 'real' biathletes steeped in the knowledge and skills to bring the whole experience to life for you. 

In the space of one day, you can be right in the mix - 'on skis and shooting', with the fun at maximum, and the adrenaline flowing. 


Contact Iain and his crew down in London:


For those of you who then want to move on to try rimfire biathlon shooting, we have access to rifle clubs near the major rollerskiing venues in London, and we organise biathlon shooting days according to demand. So it's very easy to start developing your new sporting career in biathlon by utilising local rifle clubs and the fabulous rollerskiing areas and tracks inside the M25. 



Laser Rollerski Biathlon Laser Rollerski Biathlon Laser Rollerski Biathlon Laser Rollerski Biathlon